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Ever been hesitant to try a new fitness routine because you worried it might be too tough? There's a common misconception that certain fitness programs are intimidating – but that's just not true! We’re here to dispel that myth at Hybrid Athletics.

The great thing about our fitness program is that it's truly for everyone. You don’t need to be an extreme gym enthusiast to join in. Every workout we offer is adaptable to your individual level. Our community includes retirees, moms and dads, busy professionals, individuals with disabilities and injuries, and of course, elite athletes, all achieving incredible results with us!

We’re a 100% judgement-free zone. What really makes Hybrid Athletics stand out is our gym culture. We take pride in our supportive community and the overall friendliness of our facility. Our coaches are dedicated to making everyone feel welcome and capable, regardless of their experience level. Welcoming new members and helping them integrate into our fitness family is what we love most!

Drop by and see for yourself. We’re excited to meet you and show you what makes our fitness approach unique!



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"Tight knit community of like minded people! Having never lifted a weight or worked out with any real purpose before in my life, I walked into Tritown a couple of years ago seeking a drastic life change. After speaking with some friends about what CrossFit was all about, it seemed like it might be a good fit for me. I walked into the gym very intimidated and having no understanding of any terminology whatsoever. I felt like a fish out of water.....for 5 seconds. What I realized was that this gym, and CrossFit as a whole is made up of all kinds of people of all ages and ability, from every walk of life, all seeking the same end goals: Fitness, fun, community, and healthy and supportive competition. Hybrid has given me an entirely new community of friends who hold me accountable in both life, and at the gym! 2+ years later I am now a coach at this gym. Who would have guessed? CrossFit is designed to be a fun, super effective, high intensity experience, and at Hybrid Athletics I absolutely assure you that you will get that experience. It will be the best hour of your day! Excellent, conveniently located facility packed with awesome members and awesome staff!"

Patrick S.
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"A great place with the best and greatest head coach George Keklik. An amazing place with a positive atmosphere where you sculpture yourself to be the best version of yourself, a place both for mind and body."

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"I love the community that we have at Hybrid Athletics everyone is there to help everyone. Hybrid Athletics also has wonderful and knowledgeable coaches."

Liz S.